What to Expect at Bayview Christian Center
When checking out a new church, you’ll want some background on what to expect before you get there. This helps to tone down those initial first-time visitor jitters.

Here are a few things you can expect when you visit Bayview Christian Center.

Most likely one or more persons will try to give you a hug (we can't help it – it just comes naturally to us). Don't be offended, just receive – or extend your hand for a friendly handshake.


Some folks raise their hands, others don't. You’re welcome to worship in whatever way feels natural and meaningful to you.
We preach Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. Our primary approach is systematic, in-depth Bible teaching on a particular topic over the course of several weeks.
Wear what makes you comfortable, so long as it’s appropriate for church. You might feel a little overdressed if you wear a suit, but if a suit is what feels right to you, by all means wear it. Pastor Chico will probably be wearing blue jeans.
We find that many people are looking for an avenue to serve the Lord and one another. In a small church setting there is ample opportunity to help out – from mowing the grass, to teaching the children, to teaching or preaching from the pulpit.
We are a very practical group of believers; no frills, no hype.
We invite you to come – come and get to know us, and come grow with us.
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